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Historical Dining Room

A spacious setting with original stucco artwork decoration from the mid-18th century, it is ideal for wedding receptions or also other family celebrations (with a capacity of up to 35 people). There is, of course, also the possibility of room accommodations for the newlyweds and their wedding guests.

For corporate presentations, the seating arrangement can be adapted accordingly. Up to 45 people can be comfortably accommodated.

Ceregetti‘s Wine Cellar

Cozy seating with a magical atmosphere and enchanting background music. Ideal for a romantic candlelight dinner, but also for closed family celebrations, select company Christmas parties, or dinners with important business partners.

The cellar has underfloor heating and a wall bio-fireplace. Capacity: up to 16 people.

Green Lounge

The elegant lounge on the 1st floor (with elevator) is designed for special and festive lunches or dinners in a close circle of family or friends. It is also suitable for discreet meetings or corporate lunches. The ceiling and walls are decorated with original stucco artwork from the mid-18th century, decorated in green.

The room is equipped with air conditioning. Capacity: up to 10 people.

Conference Room

Reserved area on the 2nd floor (with elevator) in a quiet part of the hotel: Ideal for training sessions, workshops, or meetings. Daylight fills the room, which is equipped for training purposes (flipchart, roll-up screen, ceiling-mounted data projector).

Air conditioning is self-understood. Toilets are also directly located on the floor. Capacity: up to 18 people (depending on seating arrangements).

Front Garden seating area and Rear private Patio

The garden area in front of the hotel can be enjoyed from spring to autumn. Especially during spring, guests like to take in the sun's first warm rays in the company of a coffee (or any other favorite beverage). The atmosphere is touched off by a rose bed and potted seasonal flowers.

In summer we also open the walled-off rear patio area, which is located to the north and offers a pleasant view of the greenery below. It is simply divine, even on hot days (due to its northern exposure). The area includes a wooden toyhouse and a slide for the children of our guests.

About us...

House n° 43 in Filištínská Street, adjacent to the so-called Pardubická Fortna, is one of the oldest preserved buildings in the city. The first mention of it dates back to the beginning of the 17th century, but the Gothic cellars and corridors already existed around 1540. 

Fortna was the name of the smaller side passage to the main fortifications. The Pardubice unit also had a tower. To this day, a niche for the winch can be seen above the passage, under the tower, which lifted a massive lattice gate. 

Stucco art and paintings can be found in the main dining hall on the ground floor, but also in the „Green Lounge“ and in the rooms on the 1st floor. In the 18th century, the house was owned by the brothers Josef and Ignác Ceregetti. One was a painter, the other a plasterer. And so they decorated the inner quearters in their own way. 

The beginning of the 20th century was a "Golden Age" for Fortna. The bourgeois associations met here, and members of the good-natured prankster society of the Chrudim blackbirds also had their "nesting place" here. In 2014, a memorial plaque was unveiled at the main entrance in honor of their number.

The periods during both World Wars, and especially that under communism, had a harsh impact on Fortna. After WWII, it was put under the administration of the East Bohemian Poultry State Plant from Jaroměř: Lathes found their place in the stucco hall, instead of guests, and the rest of the building served as a warehouse. 

Fortunately, in the early 1990s, Fortna was taken over by the Zavadil family, who, through gradual repair & restoration work, restored it to the beauty and splendor of times past. In 2010, the Fortna restaurant & hotel were inaugurated. 

Here in the photo gallery you can see what it once looked like.