SINCE 30th January 2023
Restaurant closed from 30.1.2023
Dear guests,
Usually we inform you about pleasant matters that our team is preparing for you. But this post will be in a slightly different tone.
After long and thorough consideration, we have decided to close the restaurant as off 30th January 2023.
Further on the hotel with breakfast remains open for you.
This decision was really not easy for us after 12 years of operation, but the current situation (in addition after 2 years affected by covid) is unfortunately unsustainable for us. And because we don't want to compromise on the quality of ingredients or honest cooking, we decided not to compromise and instead solve it with a "clean cut".
On behalf of our family and the entire team, I wanted to thank you for the years together, full of wonderful gastronomic and human encounters, and wish you a lot of health, strength and good people around you during this difficult time.
Marie Hlinková and Milan Zavadil
and restaurant Fortna team